The path to Stompy

Five weeks ago I had never finished a game.  I had been studying in my spare time for YEARS but never really felt prepared to start.

Then one day I just DID.  I put down a landscape.  Threw a flat panel down above the landscape and rode it around like a skateboard within a few hours.  I thought to myself: "A few hours?  I can finish this whole thing in a week!"  So I decided to go for it.

It took me five weeks.

But now it's up!  It's done!

And now I am attacking my main project with super confidence.  Honestly just the confidence that I finished something.  Even if it's this.  :) 

And EVERY step I took in this I saw improvements.  Sometimes I did them, others I had to toss them so I could finish this thing.

At one point I experimented with a terrain style I LOVED.  But I was just too far.  I would have set myself backwards at least another week.

So it will go in my next project.  It was that way with so many things.

This has been a lot of fun.

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Congratulations :)